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A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.

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To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world

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One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things

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No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow

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The journey not the arrival matters

Jumat, 30 Maret 2012

elo river rafting paradise


Rafting is a really adrenaline sport, moreover if we do it in a rocky river. Magelang is the rafting paradise and Elo River is one of the best rivers for rafting. This is my first rafting experience actually, and I never regret to ever do it. It’s not only the adrenaline stuff that makes me gasp, but the beautiful scenery also makes me WOW.

The fee for one way rafting is about Rp100.000, which is including transportation from the home base until the river, safety tools, free guide, snack, and lunch. Really a reasonable price for such a expensive experience like that. And one boat can be for 5 peoples. Good enough for next family plan, isn’t it?

Location: Jalan Raya Mendut - Sendangsono km 0,2 Progowati, Mungkid, Magelang 
Phone: (0293) 788 435
Photo by: Simonka Makovska
Writer : Tita Dwi Ivariana

Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

artemy one stop italy

If you really need different kind of atmosphere than your daily life, then artemy café would be a really good idea!!. It’s an Italian café with the mastering of its gelato. Yes yummy yummy and yummy for sure. What makes it special is the oh so Italian interior actually. With the outside table and the red canopy, what can describe Italian well than this? Quite modern, but generally I think I just get the atmosphere there.

The price is so so, not so cheap also not so expensive. One scoop gelato is about Rp 10.000 and for 2 scoops about Rp 17.000, there are another menu like coffee and cakes but I don’t buy it unfortunately so I don’t know the certain price. Talking about the taste, yes I can say this gellato is yumm enough. When I came there I choose the black forest and cookies one, I don’t like chocolate basically so I can say that black forest was too bitter for me, but the cookies was perfect. There are several kinds of fruit flavor too there, but I just didn’t try, but next time I will.

This is really acceptable as a dating place hahah. Like usual I came here with my BF and yaa we took some nice pict ;)

Location: jl. Kranggan no. 58. phone:(0274) 563417
Photographer and editor : Alahya Faisal Abdullah
Writer : Tita Dwi Ivariana

Selasa, 29 November 2011

what is better than beach time?

Ngandong beach is me and my family favorite beach in our town Yogyakarta. It’s a hidden beach in Gunung Kidul. The atmosphere is I said can be compared with beach in bali. So virgin, clean, not so crowded or mass like in most of beach in Yogyakarta. 

Several weeks ago, me and my family went there in case of celebrating my sister graduation. I asked my BF too, yaah to take some pict there. But, I thought that we were just so spontant and there were no ripe planning so we just took pict without tripod. Mostly the pict are just close up of our face : P .

Picnic picnic and picnic is a really nice thing to do. Who don’t like picnic? Everybody must like it. Beach is one of the heavens to spend a fun time, moreover white sandy beach. Running free in a large white sandy area, with the wave beside, with the sound of wind, coconut trees around, and the salty air. What is more perfect than that?
Go get your own beach picnic!!

Location: Ngandong beach, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta
Photographer and editor : Alahya Faisal Abdullah & Tita Dwi Ivariana
Writer : Tita Dwi Ivariana

Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

IMOGIRI the secret forks in Jogja

Forks in twilight, who don’t know that place?. Yeah every girl hopes to ever become a bella swan that can bring here bring there from tree to tree by the handsome Edward cullen. Hmmphhh yayayaya imaginary and imaginary again ya.

If I hear that name forks, that in my head is all about a pine forest no mater what. You know some weeks ago me, my bf and several friends went to imogiri to have a picnic there. Imogiri is famous of its king cemetery or ya something like that idk. But my bf said that we would have a picnic in pine forest. I don’t have any idea what kind of pine forest would it be. I thought of maybe just blablabla forest like the way to wonosari or what. But OMG it really a forks!!

Yes it simillary to forks in that film twilight. With the thin tall trees all around,not that different lah from forks, just the atmosphere colour maybe not that blue cold like in forks.Along the way feel so hot of chourse,but the place seems perfect to sending a picnic time. I know I know my bf isn’t like Edward cullen,even just his thumb, ohh gash don’t have a bit bit similarry with Edward but whatever it’s one of my best picnic with him .

Mmmhmm, just a lil idea, maybe it’s a nice place to take photo with lomo.Just an idea!! I edit my pict lomo wanna be heheh

Location: Hutan pinus imogiri, Yogyakarta
Photographer : Geng flora fauna
Writer and editor : Tita Dwi Ivariana

Rabu, 21 September 2011

Gembiraloka the kindergarten era nostalgic

Zoo is always a nice thing to visit. Kinda bit nostalgic of kindergarten or elementary era. Not that ‘wow’ again for me, yaaah I came there for hmm thousand times when I was in ‘baby’ era. The only reason im that courious to go there is just because im with my bf lol :P. I feel like im in that baby age again, fascinate,can’t stop laughing,ohh that tacky hahahah.

So far ‘Gembiraloka zoo’ athmosphere  in my town Yogyakarta is not that far from my elementary school era. Changes, of chourse!! Now they have reptiles area with that clean aquarium being made as near as the original habitat, yeah not so bad lah.They also make a new swimming pool area for kids, they even renovate the ship buildings in the middle of their imitate lake.

Gembiraloka is a never dies place in Yogyakarta. Not that special actually,just how you make it special. Spend the time with  family,friends,even bf or gf that’s what makes everything ordinary seem so special. J

Location: Gembira Loka zoo, Jl. Kebun Raya Yogyakarta INDONESIA 55171
Photographer and editor : Alahya Faisal Abdullah
Writer : Tita Dwi Ivariana

Selasa, 20 September 2011

find a private masai mara

We often think that travelling is always about going to a famous,ancient,or historical place,going abroad,wasting money or something like that. But for me to traveling is just about to find a good place to spend some quality me time. About a week ago me and my boyfriend planned to have a picnic in an airport,YES AIRPORT.

I inspired by a Taiwanese serial ‘Meteor Garden’. In that serial the main character often go to airpot backyard area to just dating,ahahah I think it would be a great idea if me and my boyfriend having picnic there. Buuuut. . . ., after we came to the airport backyard area in my town,yes it’s beautiful !. We went there at about 10 am,fuckin so hot and there’s no grass area outside the gate,no tree!!gaaaasshhh PERFECT!

I have brought my picnic basket full lunch,so that wouldn’t be funny if we cancled the picnic. We then went around that airport area and after long enough minuttes thanks god we found a better better place to got picnic. It’s a football field,yes football field full of cows!! I call it my private masai mara . . . . Pretty much looking like masai mara in Africa !! We took some perfect photos there. WOW WOW WOW, what is happier than found a private masai mara to date?? (yeah even finally we ate the lunch at my boy’s house -_-

Find your private masai mara!!

Location: football field near Adisutjipto airport Yogyakarta, Jalan Solo km 9, Yogyakarta 55282 
Photographer and editor: Alahya Faisal Abdullah
Writer : Tita Dwi Ivariana 

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